Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

ISO Moulders prides itself as being a responsible EPS manufacturer, nothing is wasted that can be returned to a value stream. Even the dust and fines are melted into high-density blocks, upcycled to picture frame extrusions and other recycled plastic uses.

EPS Sustainability

Zero Waste

Polystyrene is a 100% recyclable plastic and all waste is reused in the system or upcycled to another value stream. Little goes to waste.

Low Water Consumption

Water consumption used in manufacturing is very low compared to the cardboard industry and the water can be is reused many times over in the process.

Reduced Energy Usage

The use of EPS in the building envelope reduces energy usage in heating and cooling and is used extensively by engineers and architects in green designs.

Clean Manufacturing

Solid Waste

There is virtually no solid waste generated during the EPS manufacturing process.


We accept clean EPS scrap from customers, making EPS plastic net-negative in terms of landfills.


There is no pollution to the water supplies near an EPS plant because air and water emissions are very low.