Protection for appliances big & small

EPS is the best all round choice when it comes to protective packaging. It offers the best in protection, weight, perfect fit and surprising to some, sustainability.

With years of experience and our own in-house tool room, ISO Moulders is able to provide valuable assistance with the design and fabrication of moulds for a variety of packaging solutions. We can help you from draughting to prototype and from procurement to production. We will maintain your moulds, reducing your risk and burden, all as part of the service we offer.

EPS Sustainability in Packaging Uses

EPS is 100% recyclable, contains no ozone harmful CFCs, and safe for use in food applications. EPS is 96% air, simply put: air engineered into a strong, light and snugly-fitting packaging material.

EPS Compared to corrugated cardboard:

  • 3x less energy required
  • 6x less resource consumption (trees!)
  • 2.4 x less water used
  • 2.5x less space in landfill