Geofoam is expanded polystyrene (EPS), tested to American ASTM standards, and manufactured into large lightweight blocks. GEOBLOCK™ offers special advantages for construction on soft ground, slope stabilisation and ultra-lightweight backfill over existing structures.

EPS geofoam is approximately 1% of the weight of soil.

A superior fill material that significantly reduces the stress on underlying structures. Geofoam is not intended as a general soil replacement material but to solve specific engineering challenges. Engineers, architects and builders can design geotechnical solutions to a range of problems.

The use of EPS Geofoam translates into benefits to construction schedules, is unaffected by weather conditions and easily cut on a project site. Its service life is comparable to other common construction materials and it retains its physical properties under engineered conditions of use.

  • Predictable material behavior
  • Manufactured to meet ASTM standard D 6817
  • Variety of types and properties to meet specific project requirements
  • Super lightweight compared to other materials
  • Inert in long-term buried conditions – no leachates in ground water
  • Easily formed or shaped on site or supplied cut to required dimension
  • Cost effective geotechnical solution
  • Strong, durable and stable
  • No weather delays during installation


One of the prime and growing uses for EPS geofoam globally is in the construction of lightweight approach fills to bridge abutments and in road embankments.

  • Road widening & Road construction over poor soil conditions
  • Bridge abutments & Bridge underfill
  • Protection of culverts, pipelines and buried structures
  • Rail embankments
  • Landscaping and vegetative green roofs
  • Other: Slope stabilisation,Levees & Airport runways

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