Bringing ideas to life

The Largest Polystyrene Converter in Southern Africa. Specialising In The Manufacturing Of Quality Moulded Expanded Polystyrene

Committed to sustainability through innovation

Polystyrene is a 100% recyclable plastic and all waste is reused in the system or upcycled to another value stream.

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Industries Served

A growing number of industries are seeing the value in using polystyrene for its strength, light weight, insulation and sustainability.

Custom Design & Innovation

Pioneering Innovation

We have been involved in a number of ground breaking projects within the construction sector.

Award Winning Design

We won the coveted Gold Pack award for our contribution to the SAB Ice Core promotional cooler box.

Research & Prototyping

We can assist with scanning, drawing, 3D printing, mould design, 3D cutting,
anything you might need to get your idea to market.

Bring your ideas to life

We can cut to spec EPS products such as insulation, point of sale displays and a variety of construction solutions including pipe insulation, cornices, void formers, and panels.