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What is it?

Geo Block™ geofoam is a geosynthetic material manufactured from EPS (expanded polystyrene) produced under controlled conditions toyield predictable and consistent engineered properties, which can optimise design, simplify construction and eliminate costly testing. Geo Block™ complies with ASTM D6817, “Standard Specification for Rigid, Cellular Polystyrene Geofoam” and can be customised to project requirements. ISO Moulders have the experience and technical resources to assist with any project needs.

Geo Block™ is produced in large blocks equating to as little as 1% the weight of traditional fills and is surprisingly strong. One of the prime and growing uses for EPS geofoam globally is in the construction of lightweight approach fills to bridge abutments and in road embankments. Having a naturally high compressive resistance, EPS is a sound and cost-effective fill material alternative that safely supports roadway loading. Because it is lightweight and unlike other backfill materials, Geo Block™ does not impose undue stress on sensitive, underlying soils and structures. Differential movement at the bridge/approach fill interface is typically reduced, resulting in lower construction and maintenance costs.


• Predictable material behavior
• Manufactured to meet ASTM standard D 6817
• Variety of types and properties to meet specific project requirements
• Super lightweight compared to other materials
• Inert in long-term buried conditions - no leachates in ground water
• Easily formed or shaped on site or supplied cut to required dimension
• Cost effective geotechnical solution
• Strong, durable and stable
• No weather delays during installation

Other fill materials such as foamed concrete, waste tyres, soil, woodchips, wood fiber, etc., have higher densities and are variable in their makeup and behaviour. These materials also have limitations and can be weather sensitive, thus requiring staged construction and/or preloading, surcharging, drainage, etc.

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